“Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of doing healing work with plants, but not plants as objects or chemical factories—but as spirit beings, alive and feeling and wise and connected to the world around them, and to us." — Eliot Cowan

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing which combines the traditions of ancient Chinese Five Element medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It has its roots in ancestral traditions, and though it has been largely forgotten in our society, it has been practiced in one form or another by medicine people around the world throughout time.

Unlike many other plant based healing modalities, in Plant Spirit Medicine no part of the physical plant is used or administered, but rather the spirit of the plant is called upon and it offers its help.

Continued Plant Spirit Medicine treatments over time, not only re-awaken and fortify our connection with Spirit and with the natural world, but through reaching into the deepest layers of a person, the plants bring balance and support to our core. Over time, and from that deep place, the healing grows and unfolds into a blossoming that reaches up through the layers of years of complexity and compensation, establishing harmony and wellbeing throughout the entire system. Over and over again, I have experienced and seen this ancient medicine bring deep healing, upliftment and transformation to all areas of a persons life, as it carries us away from feeling separate and into a life of wholeness, flow and joy.